Speaking on Autism

I’m a retired teacher, right? Talking in front of people is not a problem. I spent twenty years talking in front of people. Well, groups of about twenty kids under nine. They were not always an easy audience. At the start of each year I also spoke to their collective parents. Then I spent five … Continue reading Speaking on Autism

A Sensory Gym

Where does your child with autism like to play? Is there a gym near you where your child is not only accepted but welcomed with special equipment that is tailored to his needs? We Rock the Spectrum is special sensory gym with locations all around the United States. One mother I know recommended one of … Continue reading A Sensory Gym

Author Next Steps

There are those people who make resolutions when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.  Then there are those of us who do not. As I think over past improvements and accomplishments in my life, I realize that none of them were the result of one moment in time or one list of resolutions. In … Continue reading Author Next Steps


Recently, I read an article on ghosting, which has nothing to do with the supernatural beings that might be seen on Halloween. Nor was it about the shadowy second image that sometimes appeared on old tube televisions, if you are old enough to remember those. It also has nothing to do with the way the … Continue reading Ghosting