Organizing 2021

It’s a new year. Time for a new bullet journal. \When you read about bullet journals, the idea is that you grab a new blank notebook and begin fresh each year. That’s not the way I roll but it just happened to work out this year. When I began bullet journaling, I grabbed a cheap … Continue reading Organizing 2021

School and COVID-19

School will be starting soon, in some form. I am glad that I do not need to face the decisions that are currently being made by parents, students, and educators. As a retired educator, however, I find myself reading and listening to many sources about just what a teacher or parent can do to make … Continue reading School and COVID-19

The Power of Story

Have you ever been with a group of people that you thought might have many of the same feelings as you, only to find the conversation drift off in a different direction than you had anticipated? Maybe it didn’t event drift. Maybe it sprinted down a dangerous, negative slope and left you shaking your head … Continue reading The Power of Story

The Peacemaker???

Just imagine that you are standing at a clearance rack at Macy’s (prepandemic). A woman near you picks up the twin of the jacket you are holding and the two of you begin talking. By the time you both reach the cashier you have learned details about her life. Over an impromptu lunch you learn … Continue reading The Peacemaker???