Learning from COVID-19

The nation and the world are living a new reality. COVID-19 is spreading. People all over the world are in lockdown.

Yet, as I sit in my home practicing social distancing, I have been wondering what it is that I am to learn from this experience.

We can learn from everything if we take the time, can’t we? I firmly believe that. If we want to, if we adopt a mindset of learning rather than fear, we can grow from what we are experiencing. We can grow as individuals. We can, hopefully, grow as nations.

We live in a world where people and countries have become self-centered. A new world will come out of this experience. It can be better a better world or it can be worse. We are all in this together. The way we look at people will change. Finances will change. The way we view commodities such as food and toilet paper have already changed.

What is on the other side of the coronavirus? What will that world and our nation look like?  

What can I do now to become the best version of myself that I can be? What can I do within my home or from my computer to help facilitate change right now? I don’t know yet.

I ask myself, when my life returns to normal, what will I want to keep from my previous life? What mattered? What didn’t?

It’s a lot to think about.

7 thoughts on “Learning from COVID-19

  1. Such a small answer, but I read an article this morning on whether watching sports will have lost it luster. Will it still seem important? Taking it deeper, after this shared experience, will it make sense anymore to hate the Yankees? What about Iran? I’d love to see humanity move beyond the pettiness that has colored society for so long.


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