Social Distancing and Keeping Active

This is the first of a series of indeterminate number of posts of things to do during lock down. Haha.

Number 1 – Keep active.

In St. Louis, we have had lots of rain.

And more rain. These are pictures of some of the marshy places in my yard.

We have not had good days for walking outside.

Two nights ago, my husband asked me, from his recliner, if it was dry outside so he could take the dog for a walk in the subdivision. From my seat at the computer, I could see the wet patio but no water drops bouncing on the pavement. I gave him the all clear.

Oops. Apparently, it was drizzling a little when he left. By the time he got home he was drenched. He took the hair dryer to himself while I dried the dripping dog!

Wet has been the word in St. Louis lately.

The last time we went to the local mall to walk before the stores open in the morning was eight days ago. The malls are all closed now.

The gym with the track we walk is also closed.

What’s a girl to do to get a little exercise? Especially one who is not supposed to use equipment or weights?

One thing I have done for two years now is a morning stretch routine that shows weekday mornings on our public broadcasting station. It helps loosen my muscles and gets rid of a lot of my regular joint and muscle pain. I do these stretches as soon as I wake up, before I can talk myself out of it. The series is called “Classical Stretch” and you can check it out here if you are looking for something simple. I record it to watch when I like. Thankfully those shows are previously recorded and not under quarantine.

Yesterday, finally, we had no rain. The sun was hiding more than showing in the morning. I took the dog for a walk. The afternoon was beautiful, although only in the upper forties. My husband, Cookie, and I walked my favorite circuit again. It’s the circuit with the fewest land mines – acorns, sweet gum balls, muddy patches, and areas of sidewalk that are two-inch high steps because of large trees. These things trip me up, literally. I’ve had too many broken bones so I have to be careful.

Cookie was in heaven. Other people we passed smiled and waved.

Then, this morning we were back to rain, temps in the low thirties, followed by a period of inch sized falling snowflakes.

Happy spring in St. Louis.

My husband and I, usually separately, walk laps through our living room, kitchen, dining room, and hall when we are desperate to get steps on our trackers. This morning we both started walking at the same time. The dog joined in.

“Isn’t this fun? My peeps and I walking.” I heard her say.

She’s more easily entertained than we are.

Meanwhile, the weather man is predicting more rain tomorrow but sun on Tuesday. Oh my.

The cold walk yesterday seemed to have an affect on me. Now I have a slight cough, hopefully from allergies. Think I’ll stay in from the damp cold today.

Stay well and active. Hope you have better weather where you live.

3 thoughts on “Social Distancing and Keeping Active

  1. Bummer about the weather. It’s full-on spring here in Pennsylvania (which is probably a global warming thing). Today my kids and I went out mountain biking in riding shorts.I heard something about a bit of snow tonight but it’s hard to believe. There isn’t a cloud in the sky. Sometimes ya just gotta put on the raincoat and go.


  2. I’m in PA too – it was so nice yesterday. We have been taking multiple walks each day, it’s been great. The rain just started for us today. Looking ahead at the forecast it would appear rainy days ahead. I’ve already talked with D about taking an umbrella with us just so we can get out. We’ll see what he picks. If not I am liable to start walking laps around my house too! Hope you feel better soon!


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